fair engagement session

Tyler + Brianna // Fair Engagement Session <3

Tyler and Brianna are some of the most genuine humans you could ever meet. I have had the privilege of photographing these two twice now! When I came to Brianna with the idea of shooting their engagement pictures at the fair she was ecstatic! Little did I know that her and Tyler's first date was at the state fair. How neat :)  

These two have been friends for years and met through mutual friends, tyler remembers the first time seeing Brianna... He told me that they were at Suite 8 and she was jumping on a couch in a harms way crew neck! These two are hilarious, can't you tell? After that they both just always had a great friendship and connection. These two love the mountains, its their place to escape reality and just be together. They are so ecstatic about getting married. Some of the things they are most excited about are looking forward to having a family together, growing spiritually and emotionally more together, experiencing everything life has to offer with their best friends and loving each other more and more each day. Tyler let me know that he is also excited about getting to put his clothes in a hamper! haha  

I love these two and I hope you love their session as much as I do!! It's bright, cheery and will probably make you crave carnival food! ;)