Dylan + Bridget // Engagement Session

Dylan and Bridget are some of the kindest most genuine human beings you could ever meet. I was so ecstatic (still am) when they messaged me about booking me to be their wedding photographer. Their big day is this Friday and I am so PUMPED! Its going to be all things beautiful and amazing. 

These two love birds met while leading worship at Anderson Newspring, Bridget was back from the UK for about a month. Dylan had know about Bridget for several years prior, in fact he saw her the first time she led worship at the Anderson campus 4 years ago.  

They hit it off immediately, goofing around all day with the rest of the band. After Bridget left dylan turned to his band mates and let them know that she was certainly the woman he was going to marry one day! (He was right! ;) 

Bridget is selfless, caring, intelligent, talented, her heart breaks for the broken and she acts on it, she's always ready to act out her love for Dylan and shes the most poetic person on the planet 

Dylan is the kindest, most genuine person Bridget knows, he is constantly joyful and trusts fully in the Lord, there is nothing he wouldn't do for her. 

These two make a grand couple. Their first date was in Charleston, SC, it included awkward moments, getting lost, perusing a used book store, drinking coffee, singing Led Zeppelin tunes and eating Moe's.  

Dylan surprised Bridget with a Valentines Day photoshoot on a week she came home to visit family, since they didn't have many pictures together considering they lived 4,000 miles apart. At the shoot Dylan got down on one knee in front of a little waterfall and asked Bridget to spend the rest of her life together with him. She obviously said yes and I could not be happier for them! 

These two can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together, travel the world, support each other in their goals and dreams, and make music together.  

Here is their engagement session! I teared up looking through these photos, the love they have for each other is very apparent.   

Shoutout to Pharmacy Records off of Laurens Rd in Greenville SC for letting us use their rad record store to take photos in!